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Easy Fall Decor DIY’s

Easy Fall decor diy
Easy fall decor diy, fall projects,
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If you are into Fall season like me, you must be enjoying the many fall decor that the stores are displaying right now. I had to control myself when I was at Hobby Lobby.  I also have to keep in mind that I am still in the process of decluttering the house (still trying to minimize stuff). So I had to use and reuse most of our house decor, here are some easy Fall decor DIY’s.

Simple and elegant Fall vase

Fall diy
Easy Fall themed vase

This is so simple, that the picture tells it all. I just used and old bottle of Moscato, a burlap ribbon, and glue dots to hold it (you can also use glue gun). Add some berry spray and done.


Fall themed Basket

fall basket
Easy fall decorating ideas

I reused one of our wicker easter basket, placed our assorted pumpkins and gourds from previous years, and added some plastic fall flowers from Dollar tree. The plastic wheat didn’t come that way from the store, I had to remove the extra leaves and tied them all together with a jute twine. It looks amazing.

DIY Fall Wreath

DIY fall wreath
Easy diy fall wreath

I fell in love with other DIY wreath that looks like this, so I made one. This is actually easy to make. I bought most of the supplies from Hobby Lobby.


I used a foam wreath, burlap ribbon, fall themed flower spray, a sunflower spray, and a glue gun.


Glue the tip of the ribbon, then start covering the wreath, tight (not too tight). Make sure you have the same distance with the edges of the ribbon.


Leave some ribbon for covering the flower pick. I glued the flower stem first, then covered it with the remaining burlap ribbon. Then glued the sunflower to cover the imperfections.

Mason jars Fall vases

Fall mason jar vases
Easy fall decor diy, Mason jar vases.

These mason jar has been sitting in our garage for so long. It’s finally in use.


I used Rustoleum Chalked paint in white. Painted the 4 mason jars. I used my left over Burlap adhesive letters from 2 years ago. I actually  didn’t have the letters F A L L, since I already used them before, but I made these letters from cutting the other available letters to get what I need. I just stick the F A L L on the mason jars. I was going to add jute twine around the neck of jars, but was too excited to decorate it. I just placed some fall themed flowers on the jars and they’re all set.