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Making Time Mom


Making Time Mom

I have much appreciation to all the mothers, especially since I became one. Motherhood is a lifetime achievement, and we want to be successful at it. Making time mom is the name of my blog since I am constantly finding myself short of time in doing the everyday hustle and bustle. But I make sure that I make time for family.

As a full time employee working long hours, I found myself tired and stressed out on my days off. I know I don’t give my best self under these circumstances. It can affect relationships, health, and finances (from poor decision making).

We all have different ways of handling stress. I think it also depend on what kind of personality you have. I am the type that looks calm and composed, but I have found out that it is affecting my health. My blood pressure was high, skin rashes, and low immunity (due to stress).I knew something was going wrong with my body internally. My blood work was fine. Dermatologist couldn’t point out the problem either. I reacted to everything during my allergy test, which I kind of knew it was going to do that, since I feel my body is rebelling.

How do they do it?

I am curious on how other moms do it. How can they balance everything smoothly? especially with multiple kids. How are the single moms doing it? or Dads?

Am I doing something wrong?

These questions are common, as we compare ourselves to other moms in social media. 

There  are lots of articles regarding this topic, but here is my take on my endeavor on making time that I have learned so far.


My priority is my kid. I have to be available when she needs me. I have to make sure she’s taken care of properly when I am at work.

As a mother we all strive to raise our kids properly and we always want to protect them.

This is exhausting not just physically, but mentally…we have to adjust ourselves to that level between normal mom and neurotic mom. 

Let go

Yes, it is okay! Don’t feel guilty.

Let go of the dishes on your sink, spend time with your children and spouse. Come back to it when everybody is occupied with other stuff.

Leave the cluttered toys. It may look messy, but don’t let it stress you out, let go.

Cleaning can wait. Time wont.


Use your resources. This is where family and friends come in handy. Accept help with babysitting, grocery shopping, cooking, and/or cleaning.

If you have older children, assign them some household tasks.

Time Management

Organization of day, week, or months is another automatic task for a mother/father.

For sanity’s sake, have a command center. This is very helpful for everyone in the house, and definitely reduce stress.

“Me” time

Again, don’t feel guilty.

It is important to have some self care. Mothers tend to give and give, that it becomes awkward when we’re relaxing. May it be your early morning coffee time (when they’re asleep). Mani and pedi while they’re at school. Grocery time alone, walking the isles with ease.

Keep on Learning

There are always parenting hacks, latest hacks, innovative products, and/or latest research that can help us be successful with managing our time.

Don’t compare

Don’t be too hard on yourself. Just do your best, because to your kids you are the best. All they want is a quality time with you.

8 thoughts on “Making Time Mom

  1. I agree, being a mom is such a big task. Being a good parent is crucial for our children, but we shouldn’t be so hard on ourselves as well as we are not perfect, and like what you mentioned never compare yourself with others.

  2. Us mothers tend to feel guilty easily. Thanks for reminding us that it is OK to have some “me” time. We need to let our batteries recharge😄

  3. Hello Mommy! This article sounds familiar for me too 😉 I have a two years old Daughter and I stopped caring about messy toys already long time ago, cause it really doesn’t make a sense, hehe 😀

    To be serious, your symptoms can be the effect of your long-term stress. The healthy person can have symptoms of the worst illness because of worrying much more than the stuffs deserve. I can recommend you to read the book of Dale Carnegie “How to stop worrying and start living”.