10 Tips on Buying Baby Stuff

tips on buying baby stuff

10 Tips on buying baby stuff

With todays technology and innovation, things are being made better, smarter, and easier. As a consumer, we are faced with multiple options in buying. Here I share 10 tips on buying baby stuff. The baby/kids department is a big business, and we love to spend for our kids, because we love them and we want the best for them.

I have learned that babies stuff are bigger and it will take over your house. It is also when your baby is very young that you don’t have much time to clean the house. It just add to the overwhelming feeling of a new mom. They grow so fast, and you will be left with baby stuff that you don’t know what to do with it or where to store it (I have donated some, sold some, and some still in garage). I wished somebody told me this before. I know friends and family will shower you with gifts, so be smart with your registry or spending that gift card.


So it is very important to be very smart on what you really want to have in your house, and what the baby really needs. You have to ask yourself, Is this a baby/kid version of what I already have? Is this short term or long term use? How am I going to store it? 

Babies will learn to rollover without a fancy bed/mat. They will learn to crawl – no need to buy expensive play mats that they’ll outgrow fast and hard to declutter. The versatility of a carpet is best option in my opinion. The babies will learn to sit; again carpet, bed, pillows, and a present caregiver is all you need. The babies will learn to jump and walk. There are different types of jumpers and walkers to choose from. In my opinion, one walker is enough.

10 Tips on buying baby stuff

  1. Buy 1 stroller only – make sure it’s light and easy to fold so you don’t have to buy a light stroller in the near future.
  2. Convertible crib or just pack n’ play yard – If you’re getting a crib, choose the convertible crib. Pack n’ play yard is just like a crib, but lighter and portable.
  3. No need for diaper changing table – you will find yourself changing diapers in other places. Instead get a diaper changing pad, just lay it on bed or any flat surface when changing diaper.
  4. Floor chair – they will outgrow this fast, you may use regular pillows to sit the baby up.
  5. High chair -this one is big and when you have to have this, choose the space saver high chair where you can just put it on top of your current chair.
  6. Activity gym – you can just make your own with all the toys you have
  7. Baby food blender – if you have a magic bullet, nutri blender, food processor, or food smasher, you’re good.
  8. Baby rocker – I just remembered we hardly used it, she was trying to get out it fast.
  9. Baby wearing straps – you wont need it for too long, and I think it is still better to hold your baby with your arms.
  10.  Diaper pail – is just an overpriced trash can.

pack n' play   space saver high chair   

2 thoughts on “10 Tips on Buying Baby Stuff

  1. Great Tips! I agree with almost all of these! I didn’t buy any changing table as the bed worked just fine. Btw, my daughter had that same walker when she was a baby and it doubled as her feeding table (instead of a high chair)!

  2. I love my changing pad. That was a gift from another parent along with her old changing table. I gave up the changing table by the time my son was one. We have a cover on it so you can throw that in the washer any time it gets dirty so the pad itself doesn’t get gross.