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12 Things to do this Summer to Save Time this School Year


things to do this summer

Are you juggling time and trying to outsmart it with planning? I am, and I will.  As  a mom with a school age child, and working full time I have experienced the panic and anxiety when I was faced with the school projects or special days must haves at the last minute. So this time I made a list of things to buy or do this summer to save time this school year. 

The arts and crafts that we planned for summer can also be used for school activities. Like the Tie dye shirt we made, costume making and organizing our craft station.

Special Days and Crafts Projects you can anticipate:

Buy or make: Don’t forget you can also visit thrift stores for these shirts especially for the Tie Dye project or the 100th Day of school shirt. I recommend a stash of pompoms, acrylic paints, felt papers, googly eyes, and ribbons.

1. Print a “First Day of School level” sign 

– this can be decorated or colored by your child so it’s ready (August)

First day of Preschool     First day of VPK

2. Polka dot shirt

– Dot Day, this can be bought or made as well (October)

3. Halloween parade costume

– this might be pushing it a bit to the future, make sure to know what they really want to dress- up as. You can also start collecting pieces of the costume. No gory ones for school parade usually. (October)

4. Pajama Days 

– it was twice last year, one during Christmas time

5. Pink or red shirt

– for Valentines day, Anti-bullying day (February)

6. 100th Day of school

– some school/age group requires shirt with 100th day decorated, some wanted kids to dress-up as 100 year old person (February)

100th day of school shirt

7. Save some boxes

– for card box, etc. 

8. Green shirt

– St. Patricks Day (March)

9. Career Day costume

– know what your child wants to be when he/she grows up, can also be use as Halloween costume (March)

Career day nurse costume
Career Day-Nurse

10. Spring Fashion

 – where kids wear Spring clothes and have their picture taken (April)

11. Tie Dye shirt

 – there is a wear a Tie dye shirt day

tie dye shirt
Summer made Tie dye shirt

12. Silly socks or Wacky socks days

– you can make one or buy one (May)Silly socks wacky socks


8 thoughts on “12 Things to do this Summer to Save Time this School Year

  1. These are such nifty and crafty ideas! I hadn’t even considered before that some of these school activities can be done throughout the summer months. These are such time-saver suggestions. Thank you for sharing!