Closet Door Makeover

Closet door makeover

How to revamp a Closet Door

I am used to generic bifold closet door; they are functional, saves space (since they are bifold), and hides our messy closet. When we were changing my old sister’s room to my daughter’s room, we had to fix the broken closet door.

So we hired a handyman/family friend to fix it for us, he said we needed a new closet door the other one cannot be saved. He did not have any option but to buy the off white colored closet door, since it was already limited. I had to do a closet door makeover.

bifold closet door
Mismatched closet door

So it was not pretty when it was installed in the closet. I had to do something, either paint the whole closet white so it will match or something more fun but easy for a kids room. My daughter liked the latter of course, she picked her favorite colors and we bought small cans of paint. I just followed the moldings, used painters tape and paint each areas.

Since we were going for Disney Theme room, and it might change as she grows, I just opted for wall decal Disney princesses for the decorations. My daughter loved putting the wall decals in the spaces. Now every time she looks at her closet, it brings her joy.
Painted Closet Door
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11 thoughts on “Closet Door Makeover

  1. I love that you’ve done with this! It really makes the piece look more customized and VERY CUTE!

  2. That is ADORABLE! I could see it being done with other Disney characters, not just the princesses.