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6 Tips On Making A Gallery Wall For Less

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It was a great accomplishment for me when I finally had a gallery wall that I had envisioned. It took awhile to gather all the things that I really wanted for my gallery wall, and I didn’t want to break the bank.  Nowadays there are so many options in stores, that it just made me more indecisive. I only bought few new pieces, like the “Family” sign that I saw from target that was reasonably priced and the “Key” wall decor from Walmart that was originally black. I assessed house decorations that I already have; picture frames, wall clock, and other DIY decor that I made.

It is good to play with arrangements on the floor and take pictures so you can visualize how the set will look like and remember where you want a specific piece to be. For it to be cohesive, I spray painted the “Key” white. The “window frame” was a DIY from a previous entertainment center that I opted not to put back,  I painted it with white chalk paint from Rustoleum. I always wanted a wreath to add some color, but I think they are always pricey. So I decided I will try to make a wreath, an easy one. I bought an all green garland from Michaels, and used the foam wreath frame and pink flowers from Dollar Tree.

Command picture hanging strips are my new favorite in putting anything on the wall, they keep my walls intact, very durable and positionable. To have an organized look, a level tool and painters tape helped me with spacing and aligning.

Gallery wall decor ideas for less
My gallery wall decor

Tips on putting a gallery wall

1.) Browse for ideas of what kind of gallery wall style you really want – eclectic, modern, rustic, farmhouse, etc.

2.) Assess your inventory of home decor – use what you already have

3.) DIY some pieces – make a wreath, or an arrow sign, use kids artwork

4.) Paint some pieces for cohesiveness – you can paint picture frames that did not match

5.) Play with arrangements on the floor and take pictures

6.) Start with the middle piece to place on the wall and adjust spacing and  alignment using level tool and painter tape to mark areas.

2 thoughts on “6 Tips On Making A Gallery Wall For Less

  1. I love the dollar store. There’s so many things you can find there. Those flowers have definitely turned in to wreaths a few times in my house.