Summer Fun List

Summer, that time of the year, where everybody (i meant kids) has extra extra time and full on energy to spent, right? This is also the time where parents gets anxiety disorder on what to do with those extra extra time and full on energy that we parents don’t usually have. Some smart parents planned about this time, months or years ahead; where they already booked a vacation package for the the whole family or something. I learned that when I tried to book a cruise during summer for summer–no it did not happen, lesson learned though. But then again, it’s nice to know that I’ll be saving that money that I actually planned on saving during the summer. So I made a summer list of things to keep my little one busy with having fun and learning. I place this list where everyone can see it, so when mommy and daddy is at work, grandparents can have the cheat sheet too.

Summer Fun List

  • Beach Day(s) – bring extra toys for extra fun.
  • Water Park – look for parks with sprinklers/waterplay area
  • Visit a Zoo
  • Piano lesson (or any musical instrument) – if you know somebody who can teach for free in their spare time, better.
  • Swimming lesson – this doesn’t have to be paid if mom/dad/etc. can join in the summer fun.
  • Make popsicles or ice cream – frozen fruit, milk, sugar = yummy!
  • Bake cookies, muffins, cupcakes, brownies, or cake – buy the box mix
  • Visit a Library – most have special events for kids
  • Visit a Pet store, or Pet rescue
  • Watch a movie – see the latest awesome movie in the theatres
  • Have a Picnic – bring pest/mosquito repellant incase
  • Try other restaurants – charge it to expereince 🙂
  • Scavenger hunt (theme: shapes, colors, insects, etc.)
  • Read books
  • Practice writing (for little ones)
  • Learn/experience new sports – how they get points, technicalities
  • Visit a park (that you haven’t gone before)
  • Craft day: make a puppet
  • Craft day: make a costume – can be use for Halloween too 🙂
  • Craft day: make a doll room (for girls), cave/buildings (for boys)
  • Craft day: Fairy garden
  • Craft day: Tie dye shirt – kids might use it when school starts too
  • Room make-over – rearrange furniture, change wall art…
  • Dance party (with silly costumes or not) – Let loose!
  • Make a summer photo journal – it’s fun to look back
  • Bubbles galore – why are they so fun
  • Chalk art masterpieces – take a pic of it
  • Sleepover – playdates get longer during summer
  • Visit a museum
  • Have a Tea Party
  • Donate old clothes, toys, etc – make room, they’re growing

here is a free printable Summer Fun List with extra space for your own plans.

2 thoughts on “Summer Fun List

  1. This looks like a ton of fun! We’re a huge fan of the beach, swimming, and waterparks. Pretty much anything to do with water.